Optical limiting efficiency of an electroactive bis-iminopyridine ligand and its zinc complex


  • M. Hjiri
  • I. Guezguez
  • K. Iliopoulos
  • A. El-Ghayoury
  • H. Belmabrouk
  • M. A. Karpierz
  • B. Sahraoui




An electroactive based bis-iminopyridine ligand has been synthesized by a condensation reaction between (4-(6,7-dimethyldithio-tetrathiafulvalene)-aniline) with 2,6-diformylpyridine. The complexation of this ligand with ZnCl2 afforded a tetrahedral neutral Zinc metal complex. Nonlinear optical measurements of these structures have given good results in picosecond regime. The nonlinear absorption of the ligand was significantly enhanced upon complexation with ZnCl2. This prompted us to conduct the experiment of optical limiting at wavelength 532nm. The nonlinear absorption properties of these structures were studied and compared to the reference material C60.

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M. Hjiri, “Optical limiting efficiency of an electroactive bis-iminopyridine ligand and its zinc complex”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 8, no. 1, pp. pp. 5–7, Mar. 2016.