Study of aluminum nitride formation in a plasma with effect of double laser pulses on D16T aluminum alloy in air


  • Ngoc Hoang Trinh
  • Khoder Bazzal
  • A.R. Fadaeian
  • A.P. Zajogin



In this paper, we propose new opportunities to increase the proportion of various aluminum ions in the near-surface laser plasma in the regimes of ablation of aluminum alloy surfaces by defocused double laser pulses, and AlN nanoclusters under the sequential influence of double pulses on the target (D16T aluminum alloy). Experimental results show that the intensity of the spectral lines of Al ions reaches a maximum when the time intervals between double pulses of the order of 5÷15 us, the pulse energy of 42 mJ (Al II) and 38 mJ (Al III); The percentage of AlN nanoclusters reaches a maximum at energy of pulses of about 40 mJ, defocus of 0 mm and number of pulses of 25÷30.

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N. H. Trinh, K. Bazzal, A. Fadaeian, and A. Zajogin, “Study of aluminum nitride formation in a plasma with effect of double laser pulses on D16T aluminum alloy in air”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 8, no. 3, pp. pp. 70–72, Sep. 2016.