Kerr nonlinear coupler and entanglement induced by broadband laser light


  • Quoc Khoa Doan
  • Long Van Cao
  • Van Lanh Chu
  • Thanh Vinh Nguyen
  • Thi Hai Tran
  • Kim Quy Ha
  • Thi Hong Sang Nguyen



We consider a model of Kerr-like nonlinear coupler linearly excited by a external classical field involving coherent part and white noise and solved a set of coupled stochastic integro-differential equations, deriving exactly analytical formulae for the probability amplitudes of n-photon Fock states. As a consequence, this nonlinear coupler deliberated behaves as a two-qubit system. The effects of dissipation on entanglement of formation parameterised by concurrence are also analyzed and compare these results with that obtained previously in the literature. As a interesting result, initially for a period of time the entanglement is enlarged when the chaotic parameter increases.

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Q. K. Doan, “Kerr nonlinear coupler and entanglement induced by broadband laser light”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 8, no. 3, pp. pp. 64–66, Sep. 2016.