Supercontinuum generation in highly birefringent dual-mode fiber


  • Michalina Jozwik InPhoTech Ltd.
  • Zbigniew Holdynski InPhoTech Ltd.
  • Marek Napierala InPhoTech Ltd.
  • Dawid Budnicki InPhoTech Ltd.
  • Anna Ziolowicz InPhoTech Ltd.
  • Paweł Mergo Maria Curie-Skłodowska University
  • Tomasz Nasilowski InPhoTech Ltd.



We present experimental analysis of supercontinuum generation obtained for highly birefringent and highly nonlinear dual-mode fiber. A specific difference between the zero dispersion wavelength of fundamental mode and higher order mode in such fiber gives possibility of a normal and an anomalous dispersion regime pumping, depending on the mode, which is excited. The nonlinear effects responsible for the generation of broadband spectrum of the light are analyzed when the fiber is pumped by the pulse pump source operating at the wavelength of 1064nm.

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