Broadband CO2 measurements with VIPA spectrometer in the near-infrared


  • Grzegorz Kowzan
  • Magdalena Paradowska
  • Mikołaj Zaborowski
  • Mateusz Borkowski
  • Piotr Ablewski
  • Szymon Wójtewicz
  • Kamila Stec
  • Tadeusz Robaczewski
  • Daniel Lisak
  • Ryszard S. Trawiński
  • Piotr Masłowski



We demonstrate near-infrared cavity-enhanced optical frequency comb spectroscopy of R branch of CO2 overtone transitions around 1.57µm. The measurement setup is based on an Er:fiber optical frequency comb, high finesse cavity and a VIPA spectrometer. Dither locking scheme provides robust operation and high absorption sensitivity enhancement, while VIPA etalon-based spectrometer provides rapid broadband acquisition with 600 MHz spectral resolution. The sensitivity of the system reaches 2.3×10-9cm-1 at 2×82s acquisition time. We verify the resolution of the experimental setup by comparing the measured spectrum with the high-quality spectrum obtained with cavity ring-down spectrometer.

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