Multicore optical fibres for next generation telecommunication transmission systems and components

Marek Napierała, Anna Ziolowicz, Anna Pytel, Łukasz Szostkiewicz, Michał Murawski, Tadeusz Tenderenda, Łukasz Ostrowski, Michał Szymański, Michalina Jóźwik, Marta Filipowicz, Mariusz Makara, Krzysztof Poturaj, Paweł Mergo, Tomasz Nasiłowski


We report on a new type of multicore fibres dedicated to a new generation of telecommunication networks. We designed and fabricated seven core fibres for (i) passive signal transmission, (ii) signal amplification and (iii) 1×7 signal division. In each case, the same cores and air-holes arrangement is used. However different operation is achieved by employing different cores doping and varying structural parameters of fibre, such as air-holes and cores diameters. We present experimental results of measurements performed for developed multicore fibres and multicore fibre components.

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