Chemical and photo-chemical bonding of polymer and silica fibers


  • Miłosz Chychłowski Warsaw University of Technology
  • Sławomir Ertman Warsaw University of Technology
  • Tomasz R. Woliński Warsaw University of Technology



In this paper we present a permanent way of connecting two different fiber types. The one of them is a novel fiber based on polymer as a main construction material, with a build-in photonic structure in its cladding. Second type is a typical silica single-mode fiber. Due to differences of base materials thermal bonding is impossible in order to keep both structures intact. However, chemical bonding by using appropriate materials can connect two types of fibers without disturbing their inner structures. Additional advantage of the proposed chemical “splicing” method is that adhesive can act as index matching material decreasing losses.

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M. Chychłowski, S. Ertman, and T. R. Woliński, “Chemical and photo-chemical bonding of polymer and silica fibers”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 6, no. 3, pp. pp. 111–13, Sep. 2014.