Compact single-longitudinal mode microchip laser operating at 532 nm


  • Jaroslaw Sotor
  • Grzegorz Dudzik
  • Krzysztof Abramski



In this paper we present compact, single-longitudinally mode diode pumped microchip laser operating at 532 nm. The laser is based on a monolithic Nd:YVO4/YVO4/KTP laser resonator. It is fully integrated with specially designed driving electronics, power supply unit mechanical assembly, pumping unit, beam expander and can work as an independent device. Thanks to the monolithic resonator design and low noise driving electronics the laser is highly resistant to environmental hazards. The output power, passive frequency stability and linewidth were at the level of 55mW, 3•10-9 @ 1s mean time and 25kHz, respectively.

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