Intra-cavity patterning - new method of single mode emission enhancement


  • Tomasz Czyszanowski Lodz University of Technology
  • Nicolas Volet
  • Jarosław Walczak
  • Maciej Dems
  • Robert Sarzała



We demonstrate the results of numerical simulations of 1.3μm InAlGaAs/InP VCSEL with ring pattern etched at the interface between the cavity and top DBR. We show that proposed design offers selective confinement of the fundamental mode and strong discrimination of higher order modes. Consequently VCSEL with ring confinement is capable to operate in broad range of injected currents in the single mode regime which facilitates improvement of the maximal emitted power and increase of the wavelength tuning range with very narrow spectral characteristics.

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T. Czyszanowski, N. Volet, J. Walczak, M. Dems, and R. Sarzała, “Intra-cavity patterning - new method of single mode emission enhancement”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 6, no. 1, pp. pp. 26–28, Mar. 2014.