Optical IP network system using 16 wavelengths of Coarse WDM technologies and Layer-3 switch

Viet Hoang Nguyen, Adelys Marsden, Satoru Fujimoto, Yutaka Katsuyama


We have proposed and experimentally demonstrated an optical network system using 16 wavelengths of Coarse Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing (CWDM) technology and Layer-3 Switch. For keeping the speed of 1000Mbps at the bus IFs, CWDM technology is employed, and 16 wavelengths are allocated to 16 bus IF, respectively. The system consists of a gateway which contains a controller and a server to connect terminals and public providers. The optical IP networks can be scalable by adjusting the number of wavelengths and optical transceiver. We believe this novel scheme is a practical scheme to be applied for future broadband networks.

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