Multimode instabilities in mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers


  • Maciej Bugajski Institute of Electron Technology
  • Kamil Pierściński Institute of Electron Technology
  • Dorota Pierscinska Institute of Electron Technology
  • Anna Szerling Institute of Electron Technology
  • Kamil Kosiel Institute of Electron Technology



We present experimental evidence for mid-infrared frequency comb based on AlGaAs/GaAs quantum cascade laser. The comb-like emission spectra span over ~50 cm-1 at a center wavenumber ~1080 cm-1. The measured width of the comb lines is < 20 MHz. The instability sets in when the intracavity power is sufficiently large. In addition, intersubband transitions feature strong third-order optical nonlinearities chi(3), due to the large matrix element between the upper and lower laser states, allowing parametric process due to four-wave mixing. The observed spectral behavior is similar in many ways to the Risken-Nummedal-Graham-Haken (RNGH) instability.

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Maciej Bugajski, Institute of Electron Technology

Department of Physics and Technology of Low Dimensional Structures

Professor, Head of Department




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M. Bugajski, K. Pierściński, D. Pierscinska, A. Szerling, and K. Kosiel, “Multimode instabilities in mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 5, no. 3, pp. pp. 85–87, Sep. 2013.