Photostability of photosynthetic complexes coupled to silver nanowires


  • Magdalena Twardowska
  • Maria Olejnik
  • Sebastian Mackowski



We investigate the influence of plasmonic excitations in silver nanowires upon the photostability of photosynthetic complex placed at their vicinity. Strong interaction between the two nanostructures is evident through increase of the fluorescence intensity of the photosynthetic complexes close to the nanowires as compared to uncoupled ones and shortening of the fluorescence lifetime. Analysis of movies collected using a wide-field fluorescence microscope with respect to temporal intensity variations for photosynthetic complexes located along and at the ends of the nanowires, indicate that the photostability is unaffected by the interaction with plasmonic excitations in metallic nanoparticles. Therefore, we conclude that in the case of studied hybrid nanostructures coupling with metallic nanoparticles results in higher number of photons emitted from chlorophyll molecules.

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