A silica singmode fibre-chalcogenide multimode fibre-silica singlemode fibre structure


  • Pengfei Wang Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Ming Ding
  • Lin Bo
  • Yuliya Semenova
  • Qiang Wu
  • Gerald Farrell




In this letter we theoretically and experimentally investigate a singlemode-multimode-singlemode (SMS) structure based on chalcogenide (As2S3) multimode fibre and silica singlemodefibres. The experimental results show a general agreement with the numerical simulation results based on a wide angle-beam propagation method (WA-BPM). Multimode interference variation was observed as a result of photo-induced refractive index changes arising from either localized laser irradiation at a wavelength of 405 nm or the use of a UV lamp. Our result provides a platform for the development of compact, high-optical-quality, and robust photonic nonlinear devices.

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Wang, P., Ding, M., Bo, L., Semenova, Y., Wu, Q., & Farrell, G. (2012). A silica singmode fibre-chalcogenide multimode fibre-silica singlemode fibre structure. Photonics Letters of Poland, 4(4), pp. 143–145. https://doi.org/10.4302/photon. lett. pl.v4i4.361