Silica layers produced by the sol-gel method as dielectric masks in ion exchange processes


  • Roman Rogoziński Dep of Optoelectronics, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland
  • Paweł Karasiński Dep of Optoelectronics, Silesian Univer
  • Cuma Tyszkiewicz Dep of Optoelectronics, Silesian Univer



This paper presents experimental results of produced by the sol-gel method silica layers usage as dielectric masks in ion exchange processes in producing stripe waveguides. Such layers were produced on the glass substrate (soda-lime glass) by the dip-coating method. Their thicknesses gained during single deposit on the substrate were in the range of 78÷150nm. Those layers had compactness comparable to the thermal silica. The Ag+↔Na+ ion exchange processes with the use of AgNO3/NaNO3 solution with the mole fraction of κAg=0.0025 were completed. The permeability of the layers for dopant ions (Ag+) depending on the thickness of the layer and the diffusion time was tested.

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R. Rogoziński, P. Karasiński, and C. Tyszkiewicz, “Silica layers produced by the sol-gel method as dielectric masks in ion exchange processes”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 4, no. 4, pp. pp. 137–139, Dec. 2012.