Bow-tie diodes for terahertz imaging: Comparative study

Gintaras Valusis, Rimvydas Venckevicius, Irmantas Kasalynas


Concept of broadband bow-tie diodes as terahertz sensors and their possible application for imaging is presented. Different bow-tie sensors fabricated of planar GaAs, modulation doped GaAs/AlGaAs structures and InGaAs layers are compared and discussed. It is demonstrated experimentally that the sensitivity of all studies devices at room temperature is nearly independent of frequency below 1THz and amounts to 0.3V/W for GaAs-based structures and 10V/W for InGaAs sensors. Room temperature terahertz images are recorded at 0.71THz and 1.4THz. Their parameters are considered in comparison of images taken using commercially available pyro-electric sensors.

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