Polarization-resolved conoscopic patterns of planar oriented liquid crystal cells


  • Roman G. Vovk Institute of Physics of NASU
  • Alexei D. Kiselev Institute of Physics of NASU




We theoretically and experimentally investigate the angular structure of polarization of light transmitted through planar nematic and cholesteric liquid crystal (LC) cells by analyzing the polarization state as a function of the incidence angles and the polarization characteristics of the incident wave (the ellipticity and the azimuth of polarization). The geometry of polarization-resolved conoscopic (angular) patterns emerging after the planar nematic and cholesteric LC cells is described in terms of the polarization singularities such as C-points (points of circular polarization) and L-lines (lines of linear polarization). The characteristic feature of polarization-resolved conoscopic patterns under consideration is that the conditions of C-point formation are very sensitive to polarization parameters of the incident wave.

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R. G. Vovk and A. D. Kiselev, “Polarization-resolved conoscopic patterns of planar oriented liquid crystal cells”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 3, no. 1, pp. pp. 14–16, Mar. 2011.