Low Noise C-Band EDFA/DRA Hybrid Amplifier Using the Same Pump Laser


  • Muzahim Ibrahim Azawe assist. prof.




This paper presents the investigation of a hybrid amplifier consisting of Erbium doped fiber amplifiers EDFAs and a distributed Raman amplifier in the C-band. Our simulations take into account all the effects associated with transmitted signals and a pump laser in the optical fiber. The overall noise figure for the proposed hybrid amplifier was less than 10dB, as a limiting case for maximizing the span length and/or minimizing the impairments of fiber nonlinearities. The combination distributed Raman amplifier and EDFAs present better performance than conventional EDFA-only systems. This low noise figure will enable maximum transmission distance. The transmission is discussed of 16 channels spaced 1nm and 1mW of optical power through 100km of fiber.  

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Muzahim Ibrahim Azawe, assist. prof.





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