High-resolution phase mapping with parallel Fourier domain optical coherence microscopy for dispersion contrast imaging


  • Branislav Grajciar Medical University Vienna
  • Melanie Herdin
  • Cedric Blatter
  • Martin Gröschl
  • Rainer A. Leitgeb




We demonstrate a high-speed parallel line field optical coherence microscopy (OCM) system that exhibits intrinsically high phase stability even with lateral scanning. The presented Fourier domain (FD) OCM system employs a high speed CMOS detector and achieves up to 512 000 equivalent A-scans per second. The microscopy system is shown to resolve the smallest elements of the USAF resolution test target (Group 7, Element 6), indicating the transverse (Y- non-scanning parallel direction)) resolution and resolution in X (scanning) direction less than 2.2 µm. The capability of imaging biological samples is demonstrated on human red blood cells (RBC). The high phase sensitivity allows resolving the thickness map of the RBC. Resolving the phase gives further access to the dispersion properties of the sample, which in turn reveals chemical information of the microsystem.

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B. Grajciar, M. Herdin, C. Blatter, M. Gröschl, and R. A. Leitgeb, “High-resolution phase mapping with parallel Fourier domain optical coherence microscopy for dispersion contrast imaging”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 3, no. 4, pp. pp. 135–137, Dec. 2011.