Imaging limbal and scleral vasculature using Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography


  • Ireneusz Grulkowski Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Jonathan J. Liu Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Bernhard Baumann Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ben Potsaid Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Chen Lu Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • James G. Fujimoto Massachusetts Institute of Technology



We demonstrate application of high-speed swept source optical coherence tomography for vessel visualization in the anterior segment of the human eye. The human corneo-scleral junction and sclera was imaged in vivo. Imaging was performed using a swept source OCT system operating at 1050nm wavelength range and 100kHz A-scan rate. The high imaging speed enables generation of 3D depth-resolved vasculature maps. The vessel visualization method revealed the rich vascular system in the conjunctiva and episclera.

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