Spectral properties of Cr3+ in SrLaGaO4 under high hydrostatic pressure.


  • J. Barzowska
  • M. Grinberg Gdansk University, Institute of Experimental Physics
  • Y.R. Shen
  • A. Pajączkowska




In this contribution the absorption, excitation and luminescence spectra of SrLaGaO4:Cr3+ at different temperatures and pressures are presented. It was found that luminescence related to 2E->4A2 transition in Cr3+ shifts with pressure to the red region. The pressure shifts of the luminescence related to 2E->4A2 transition and phonon sidebands are estimated.

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J. Barzowska, M. Grinberg, Y. Shen, and A. Pajączkowska, “Spectral properties of Cr3+ in SrLaGaO4 under high hydrostatic pressure”., Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 3, no. 3, pp. pp. 104–106, Sep. 2011.