High pressure luminescence and time resolved spectra of LiNbO3:Pr3+


  • A. Lazarowska
  • S. Mahlik
  • Grinberg Marek Gdansk University
  • M. Malinowski




Emission, luminescence excitation spectra and photoluminescence spectra at high pressure of LiNbO3 crystal doped with 0.5% Pr3+ are presented. Hydrostatic pressure up to 135kbar was applied with a diamond anvil cell (DAC). We observed the small red shift of the luminescence related to 1D23H4 transition equal to 0.08nm/kbar. Additionally, at higher pressure, the 1D2 emission was considerably quenched and its lifetime was shortened. This was explained as being due to the decrease of the energy of the exciton bound to the Pr3+ ion with increasing pressure and nonradiative depopulation of the 1D2 state.

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A. Lazarowska, S. Mahlik, G. Marek, and M. Malinowski, “High pressure luminescence and time resolved spectra of LiNbO3:Pr3+”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 3, no. 2, pp. pp. 67–69, Jun. 2011.