Fast Low Voltage Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal for Field Sequential Color Display


  • Qi Guo
  • Fan Fan
  • Anatoli Murauski
  • Lishuang Yao
  • V. G. Chigrinov



In this paper, a fast responded ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) driven with low voltage is achieved. The switching time and contrast ratio of two different FLC materials are investigated with the temperature range from room temperature to 80°C. The switching time of 50?s and contrast of 300:1 are obtained with FLC595 with 5V voltage at room temperature, and switching time decreases with higher temperature. Compared to FLC595, FD4004N has a larger temperature range and different optimal temperature of about 40°C, at which the contrast is 360:1. Proposed ferroelectric liquid crystals show excellent properties which is highly promising for future applications.

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Guo, Q., Fan, F., Murauski, A., Yao, L., & Chigrinov, V. G. (2011). Fast Low Voltage Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal for Field Sequential Color Display. Photonics Letters of Poland, 3(1), pp. 26–28. lett. pl.v3i1.177