Tellurite glasses for microstructured optical fibers manufacturing


  • Ryszard Stepien Institute of Electronic Materials Technology
  • Ryszard Buczynski University of Warsaw
  • Dariusz Pysz Institute of Electronic Materials Technology
  • Ireneusz Kujawa Institute of Electronic Materials Technology
  • Monika Mirkowska Institute of Electronic Materials Technology



Two series of tellurite glasses synthesized in a TeO2-WO3-PbO-Na2O-Nb2O5 oxide system with variable contents of WO3 (5÷38mol%) and PbO (0÷18mol%) are designed and manufactured. Their transmission properties, thermal expansion coefficients and glass characteristic temperatures have been determined. The glasses with the highest resistance to recrystallization during thermal treatment have been selected. Fiber drawing tests are performed and confirmation of the usefulness of these out glasses in the manufacture photonic crystal fibers is obtained.

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R. Stepien, R. Buczynski, D. Pysz, I. Kujawa, and M. Mirkowska, “Tellurite glasses for microstructured optical fibers manufacturing”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 2, no. 1, pp. pp. 16–18, Mar. 2010.