A Highly Nonlinear Spiral Photonic Crystal Fiber for Tailoring Two Zero Dispersion Wavelengths in the Visible Region

Muhammad Nazmul Hossain, M. Shah Alam, Dihan Md. Nuruddin Hasan, K. M. Mohsin


A dispersion flattened, spiral silica photonic crystal fiber (SSPCF) is presented here for supercontinuum generation in the visible region. Two zero dispersion wavelengths (ZDWs) (570nm & 630nm) are obtained in the visible region for a core diameter of 600nm and the range of the anomalous dispersion increasing with the increment of the core diameter. The fiber shows high nonlinearity parameter (1433W-1km-1), high Raman gain (698.478W-1km-1), ultraflattened dispersion (-0.05064 ps/nm2.km) and very low confinement loss (0.00161 dB/km) at 600 nm. The proposed SSPCF shows improvement over the dispersion control of a hexagonal PCF, and low damage threshold of a highly nonlinear (HN) soft glass PCF. So it can be an excellent candidate for generating supercontinuum in the visible region with HeNe laser of pump wavelenght at 612nm.

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