Application of optical reflectometer for monitoring corrosion process


  • Marcin Kochanowicz Bialystok University of Teechnology Faculty of Electrical Engineering Wiejska 45D Street 15-351 BIalystok
  • Jakub Markiewicz Bialystok University of Teechnology Faculty of Electrical Engineering Wiejska 45D Street 15-351 BIalystok



corrosion, OTDR, fiber sensor


In this work, a corrosion sensor based on an optical time domain reflectometer was presented. The first sensor with a bare tip was used to measure the corrosion process of silica glass fiber. Another sensor with a deposited silver layer was used for monitoring the corrosion process in nitric acid. In both cases, reflectance at the end of the fiber was decreasing with immersion time. Thus we can describe the corrosion stage by the level of fresnel reflectance. The maximum sensitivities of the analyzed sensors were as follows: 0.7dB/min (3% HF solution) 0.15dB/h (5%HNO3 solution) Results showed that the corrosion process in all cases wasn’t fully linear, and all reactions began almost instantly after immersing sensors in tested corrosive environments.

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