Ag-Ni bimetallic film on CaF2 prism for high sensitive surface plasmon resonance sensor


  • Ananthan Nisha Department of Physics Periyar University Salem- 636 011 Tamilnadu
  • Pandaram Maheswari Department of Physics PSGR Krishanmmal College for Women Coimbatore - 641 004 Tamilnadu
  • Santhanakumar Subanya Department of Physics PSGR Krishanmmal College for Women Coimbatore - 641 004 Tamilnadu
  • Ponnusamy Munusamy Anbarasan Department of Physics Periyar University Salem- 636 011 Tamilnadu
  • Karuppaiya Balasundaram Rajesh Department of Physics Chikkana Government Arts College Tirupur-641 602 Tamilnadu
  • Zbigniew Jaroszewicz Łukasiewicz Research Network - Tele & Radio Research Institute, ul. Ratuszowa 11, 03-450 Warsaw, Poland and National Institute of Telecommunications, ul. Szachowa 1, 04-894 Warsaw, Poland



surface plasmon resonance (SPR), optical sensors


We present a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) structure based on Kretschmann configuration incorporating bimetallic layers of noble (Ag) and magnetic materials (Ni) over CaF2 prism. Extensive numerical analysis based on transfer matrix theory has been performed to characterize the sensor response considering sensitivity, full width at half maxima, and minimum reflection. Notably, the proposed structure, upon suitably optimizing the thickness of bimetallic layer provides consistent enhancement of sensitivity over other competitive SPR structures. Hence we believe that this proposed SPR sensor could find the new platform for the medical diagnosis, chemical examination and biological detection.

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