Performance of Graphene Nanopowder-Polyvinyl Alcohol in Optical Pulse Generation at 1.5 Micron Region

Nabihah Hussain, Mohd Rashidi Salim, Asrul Izam Azmi, Muhammad Yusof Mohd Noor, Ahmad Sharmi Abdullah, Fauzan Ahmad, Ibrahim Mohd Haniff


This paper explains about the performance of graphene nanopowder (GNP) based saturable absorber (SA) at 1.5-micron region which is prepared by dissolution in polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) polymer. Two different GNP flakes thickness (AO2-8 nm and AO4-60 nm) are tested. By applying a solution casting method, three weight ratio of GNP to PVA (12.04, 8.03 and 3.11 wt.%) have been prepared and fabricated as a composite thin film. To characterize for the SA performance, 4 mm2 area of GNP-PVA thin film is embedded in a 14 meters long ring cavity with 3 meters Erbium doped fiber (EDF) as a gain medium. Our characterization results show that the GNP-PVA thin film act as a Q-switcher which produce stable laser pulses for 12.04 wt.% with maximum repetition rate of 39.22 kHz and shortest pulse width of 11.79 µs. Meanwhile, unstable Q-switched pulses of 8.03 wt.% and 3.11 wt.% have been observed with recorded signal to noise ratio (SNR) of only 21 dB and 17 dB, respectively. The threshold pumping power for Q-switched lasing to emerge is recorded as low as 30 mW. Apparently, it shows that GNP concentration and flakes thickness in fabricated SA composite plays vital role in the performance of generated Q-switch laser, particularly at 1.5 µm region.

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Saturable absorber; Graphene nanopowder; Polyvinyl alcohol, Q-switched laser

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