Electroluminescent optical fiber sensor for detection of a high intensity electric field


  • Tadeusz Piotr Pustelny Silesian University of Technology, Department of Optoelectronics




On-line testing of high power electromagnetic devices is one of the most important problems of modern industrial metrology. In the paper, the results of experimental investigations of the electric field optical fiber sensor based on the electroluminescent phenomena are presented. The electro¬luminescent effect is observed in some composite semicon¬ductors, among others in zinc sulfide ZnS crystals. In our investigations, the used ZnS crystal was doped with copper Cu atoms as activators. The concentration of activator in the ZnS crystal was about 5.10-4 [g/g]. According to plans of investi¬gations of the elaborated electroluminescent sensor, the spectral properties as well as the intensity of light emission in sinusoidal alternating electric field were tested.

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