One-dimensional photonic crystal waveguide based on SOI platform for transverse magnetic polarization-maintaining devices


  • Nikolai Lvovich Kazanskiy Samara National Research University, Russia
  • Muhammad Ali Butt Samara National Research University, Russia. Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.



In this letter, a TM-polarization C-band pass one-dimensional photonic crystal strip waveguide (1D-PCSW) is presented. The waveguide structure is based on a silicon-on-insulator platform which is easy to realize using standard CMOS technology. The numerical study is conducted via 3D-finite element method (FEM). The transmittance and polarization extinction ratio (PER) is enhanced by optimizing the geometric parameters of the device. As a result, a TM polarized light can travel in the waveguide with ~2 dB loss for all C-band telecommunication wavelength window whereas the TE polarized light suffers a high transmission loss of >30 dB. As a result, a PER of ~28.5 dB can be obtained for the whole C-band wavelengths range. The total length of the proposed device is around 8.4 µm long including 1 µm silicon strip waveguide segment on both ends. Based on our study presented in this paper, several photonic devices can be realized where strict polarization filtering is required.

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N. L. Kazanskiy and M. A. Butt, “One-dimensional photonic crystal waveguide based on SOI platform for transverse magnetic polarization-maintaining devices”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 85–87, Sep. 2020.