Methodology for measuring the gap size using a fiber-optic displacement sensor exemplified by a centrifugal blood pump

Maciej Gawlikowski, Przemysław Kurtyka, Jerzy Zalewski, Magda Zarwańska-Doffek, Artur Kapis


In order to avoid blood clotting, in the second generation of rotary blood pumps the impeller is suspended without mechanical bearing, using balance of magnetic and hydrodynamic forces. Reaching single tens of microns gap between pump housing and impeller is crucial for level of blood traumatization by the pump. In this paper we would like to present the method of physical measurement of this gap on a running pump with the use of commercial fiber-optic proximity sensor on the example of Polish rotary blood pump ReligaHeart ROT. We also discussed technical requirements of the construction of laboratory stand.

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