Enhancing the sensitivity of a standard plasmonic MIM square ring resonator by incorporating the Nano-dots in the cavity


  • Muhammad Ali ALI Butt Samara National Research University, Russia
  • Nikolay Kazanskiy Samara National Research University, Russia




We studied the metal-insulator-metal square ring resonator design incorporated with nano-dots that serve to squeeze the surface plasmon wave in the cavity of the ring. The E-field enhances at the boundaries of the nano-dots providing a strong interaction of light with the surrounding medium. As a result, the sensitivity of the resonator is highly enhanced compared to the standard ring resonator design. The best sensitivity of 907 nm/RIU is obtained by placing seven nano-dots of radius 4 nm in all four sides of the ring with a period (ᴧ)= 3r. The proposed design will find applications in biomedical science as highly refractive index sensors.

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M. A. A. Butt and N. Kazanskiy, “Enhancing the sensitivity of a standard plasmonic MIM square ring resonator by incorporating the Nano-dots in the cavity”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 1–3, Mar. 2020.