Ultra-fast and compact all-optical encoder based on photonic crystal nano-resonator without using nonlinear materials


  • Saeed Olyaee Nano-photonics and Optoelectronics Research Lab, SRTTU




In this paper an ultra-compact all-optical encoder is presented by using a two-dimensional photonic crystal. The designed logic gate is based on the interference effect. The proposed structure consists of several photonic crystal waveguides connected by 2 nano-resonators. The nano-resonators are designed to reduce the size of the radius of the dielectric rods. The contrast ratios and delay time for the proposed all-optical encoder are respectively 6 dB and 125 fs. The size of the structure is equal to 132 µm2. Equality of the output power in the logic states “one”, the small dimensions, the low delay time, compact and simple structure have shown that the logic gate is suitable for the using in optical integrated circuits.

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