Thermal analysis and CW laser operation at 1.998 µm in end pumped Tm:YAP lasers


  • Reda M. El-Agmy Helwan University Ain Helwan 11792 Faculty of science (physics) Cairo-Egypt
  • Najm M. Al-Hosiny



We report on thermal analysis and a continuous wave (CW) laser operation at (1.998µm) of end pumped Tm: YAP cylindrical laser rod. The Tm: YAP laser rod is pumped at a wavelength of 1.064 µm emitting from Nd: YAG laser source. A 3W incident pump power is used to generate a maximum laser output of 700 mW, representing 18% slope efficiency. The power of thermally induced lens in Tm:YAP laser rod is numerically analyzed and validated experimentally. The focal lengths of the thermally induced lens are directly measured using Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor. We have detected blue up-conversion fluorescence emission before laser operation at 1.998 µm. The obtained experimental results were in good agreement with the numerical calculations.

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