Multispectral estimation of retinal photoreceptoral inputs


  • Salvador Bara
  • Maria Angeles Bonmati-Carrion
  • Juan Antonio Madrid
  • Maria Angeles Rol
  • Jaime Zamorano



Integrated multispectral devices provide convenient means for assessing the inputs to the five known photoreceptors present in the human retina. These photoreceptors drive relevant visual and non-visual pathways that control key aspects of human physiology. In this Letter we show that standard metrics of retinal photoreceptoral exposure can be quantitatively estimated, to within a 5%, by means of 12 multispectral channels, 20 nm wide (FWHM), distributed across the visible range.

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S. Bara, M. A. Bonmati-Carrion, J. A. Madrid, M. A. Rol, and J. Zamorano, “Multispectral estimation of retinal photoreceptoral inputs”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 60–62, Sep. 2019.