Fast method of speckle suppression for reflection phase microscopy


  • Patrycjusz Stremplewski
  • Maciej Nowakowski
  • Dawid Borycki
  • Maciej Wojtkowski



Light propagating in turbid medium is randomly altered by optical inhomogeneities, which not only change the momentum and polarization of light but also generate a speckle pattern. All these effects strongly limit capabilities of laser based, quantitative phase–sensitive optical biomedical imaging modalities by hindering a reconstruction of phase distribution. Here we introduce the method of rapid incident light modulation, which allows to suppress speckle noise and preserve the spatial phase distribution. We implement this approach in the full-field Michelson interferometer, where the incident light is modulated using the digitalmicromirror device (DMD).

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P. Stremplewski, M. Nowakowski, D. Borycki, and M. Wojtkowski, “Fast method of speckle suppression for reflection phase microscopy”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 118–120, Dec. 2018.