The influence of orienting layers on blue phase liquid crystals in rectangular geometries


  • Marzena Maria Sala-Tefelska Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Kamil Orzechowski Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Filip A. Sala Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Tomasz R. Woliński Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology
  • Olga Strzeżysz Institute of Chemistry, Military University of Technology
  • Przemysław Kula Institute of Chemistry, Military University of Technology



In this paper, the influence of homeotropic and homogeneous orienting layers is presented in a cell filled with chiral nematic liquid crystals stabilized in a blue phase. The change of selective Bragg reflection from red to blue light was observed for homogeneous layers in rectangular geometries. The growth of blue phase crystals domains in a glass cell as well an influence of temperature and the electric field on such a structure, are also presented.

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M. M. Sala-Tefelska, K. Orzechowski, F. A. Sala, T. R. Woliński, O. Strzeżysz, and P. Kula, “The influence of orienting layers on blue phase liquid crystals in rectangular geometries”, Photonics Lett. Pol., vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 100–102, Dec. 2018.