Experimental evaluation of the light sword lens performance with a variable pupil size

Walter Torres-Sepúlveda, Alejandro Mira-Agudelo, John Fredy Barrera, Andrzej Kolodziejczyk


This paper presents an experimental study designed to test the performance of the light sword lens (LSL) with different pupil sizes. To do so, Snellen optotype images obtained by a monofocal lens either with or without an LSL, were compared. Images were obtained for three different pupil sizes at several target vergences. The correlation coefficient and through-focus curves were obtained and compared. The experimental results show differences in the contrast and the depth of focus with different pupil sizes using the monofocal lens without an LSL. In contrast, when using the monofocal lens in combination with the LSL, the quality of the images is similar for all pupils and target vergences used, with slight differences only in halos and contrast.

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