Bistable solitons in colloidal media


  • Michał Matuszewski Australian National University
  • Wiesiek Krolikowski Australian National University
  • Yuri S. S. Kivshar Australian National University



We study nonlinear light propagation in colloidal suspensions of dielectric nanoparticles within the hard-sphere interaction approximation. We analyze the existence and properties of self-trapped beams (spatial optical solitons) in such media and demonstrate the existence of a bistability regime in the one-dimensional case. We find however that the lower stable branch disappears in the two-dimensional model.

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Author Biography

Wiesiek Krolikowski, Australian National University

PhD, DSc, professor at Warsaw University of Technology. Field of interest: nonlinear optics and photonics. Member of the SPIE, OSA, Polish Physical Society, Photonics Society of Poland.




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Matuszewski, M., Krolikowski, W., & S. Kivshar, Y. S. (2009). Bistable solitons in colloidal media. Photonics Letters of Poland, 1(1), pp. 4–6. lett. pl.v1i1.21